Another successful VI-20 vapor barrier membrane install and inspection

The Methane Experts

During the last few weeks of May, Terra-Petra Methane Inspector, Eduardo has been working with Gergen Construction in Anaheim, California.  While they installed the buildings VI-20 vapor barrier membrane manufactured by CETCO, he was responsible for conducting the Construction Quality Assurance/Construction Quality Control (CQA/CQC) inspections for the system according to the plans and specifications prepared by AMEC.

The project specifications required the seams of the VI20 to be overlapped 6 inches and sealed with Liquid Boot.  The Geovent was not to be covered with dirt, so we had to touch the Fabrinet directly without obstruction.  Eduardo also observed and inspected Gergen’s install of fresh air inlets and vent risers to allow the building to ventilate.

During the Smoke Test the smoke machine stopped working, but once again Gergen saved the day.  Ricardo, a veteran Liquid Boot Applicator,  put his mechanic skills to work and fixed the smoke…

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