Ecuador auctions their southeast portion of the Amazon to oil companies

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Photo by Sara Y Tzunky

It is frightening, something this grand and beautiful could be so fragile at the hands of powerful mining companies, Analytica Investments. Ecuador is set to auction off the Southeast parts of their Amazon Rain-forest to mining companies by the end of 2013, according to Oil Minister, Wilson Pastor. Adam Zuckerman’s story, “A Tough Sell indeed,” critiques a report released by Analytica Investments at the end of 2012 which seems to place more importance on the country’s mining economy than the ethical issues that come with destroying a 185 000 hectare area, 85% of which is covered in dense rain forest. While keeping a somewhat objective view, it mainly includes the negative outcomes associated with Analytica. Zuckerman covers the Envronmental, Financial and Legal risks of undertaking this proposal.

Ecuador plans to deforest their portion of the amazon rainforest to ‘explore’ areas that could potentially hold oil. It is estimated 1.6…

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