Oil is Bringing Surprising Unity Back to Somalia




Source : DissidentNation.com
In Somaliland you will find Genel and Jacka, in Galmudug you will find Liberty Petroleum, and in Puntland you will find Range, Red Emperor, and Horn Petroleum. Off the shores of the recently-formed Jubbaland federal state, you will find Cove and Anadarko digging around where they shouldn’t be. Likewise, there are also disputes between the two more quiet states in the north. Puntland’s most lucrative oil block, covering the Nugaal Valley basin, bleeds into territory claimed by Somaliland and also a smaller, lesser known regional state known as Khatumo.

While all of this is playing out, the Somali federal government based in Mogadishu has thumbed its nose at what it sees as vain attempts at self-determination by politically toothless regional administrations. While oil splits Somalia one way, it unites the country in other ways. This week, the Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is in…

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