Wormhole Ninja Sniffer

States of Entanglement

Yesterday evening I finally managed to do something I wanted to do for a long time. I had almost forgotten about the plan until that evening when I log in, see a neutral in local and decide to scan the system. Not long before I find a wormhole leading into unexplored space. Then I remember: When the Venture came out I immediately wanted to go on a ninja gas mining trip into a wormhole! The plan was put into the drawer when we moved from Wicked Creek to Period Basis and gathered dust there until now.

So here is this nice wormhole and I have some time. Maybe I find something interesting. A connection to highsec maybe? Such things are always very useful to get some shopping trips done. I jump through the hole and start scanning. The system is not completely empty, there is at least one POS hereā€¦

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