The truth about William ‘Wil’ Divine of Concessions International, Inc.

I am writing these because some people are using the internet to extort money out of me by smearing me on the internet with false posts about me unless I pay them off. These postings about me are wrong and they seem determined to do me as much injury as possible to me without knowing who I am. I am available to speak with anyone directly in informing them correct facts. It makes for a great story about the evil oil person who is trying to do bad things but I am afraid the opposite is true because no one to date had heard my story and been told the correct facts.

I have kept silent to date because quite frankly it is too painful and I have just ignored all of this nonsense. However their postings to make me a villain have hurt me deeply and have destroyed many of relationships with people I care about and love. For some reason some people believe if you write anything on a website that it therefore must be true. These people do not realize it that it is illegal to publish false information about someone so that it damages both their personal and business relationships. I have had not choice but to sue these people court and my council advises me that I will win considerable damages these individuals and there company for publishing false information about me. In addition people who have read these postings have personally gone to people who are friends of mine and business associates an telling them what a horrible person I am and none of the people doing these postings has ever met me. However you must know that I have never sued anyone before because I believe in creating positive things helping people and not pursing a fight with anyone but prefer to find a way to work together to create something positive and I have tried with these people but to no avail.

I cannot tell you how much hurt and pain these postings has caused me, almost everyone in business and personal life especially when they first met you does a Google search on you these postings come up and they concluded that I am some sort of horrible person. I can easily put on a website things about these people and all their friends and families will see it and disown them and then they will know what I have been going through. How much pain and sorrow must they bring to my life, why is it necessary to hurt someone whom you do not know and have some very false notion about?

I find it very ironic that I am disparaged on the internet when I have worked very hard all my life to practice virtue. As a monk in a monastery I also gave away all my money in starting a charity in the oil business to help poor people in third world countries with their energy needs as well as a fund to help woman in poor countries start businesses. I further helped build 25,000 homes and a state of the art hospital in India among other things. This and many things they do not know about me and I would welcome anyone to contact me via the phone, my number is 310-531-7600 and tell you about me.

Some of the people behind this smear campaign are Mike Hepworth, Rick Brown, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria, they also call themselves Alpha Resources Management, Inc. They also have a company called Northern Iron Corp., Condor Precious Metals, Firesteel Resources Ltd., G4G Resources and Hepworth + Co.
These people have been aided by Ashley Schwellenbach and Colin Rigley of The New Times.

Why must people hurt other people when the world is so full of pain?


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