Press Release on Wil Divine’s Non-Profit Charity ‘Petroleum Foundation of America, Inc.’

A simple solution to feed the world and save the rain forests. Petroleum Foundation of America proposes to produce fertilizers from undeveloped gas deposits to assist developing nations feed their people.

San Ramon, California In many areas of the world the “green revolution” has enabled countries in this last century to increase their crop yields several fold. This has been accomplished primarily by the use of the introduction of high yield plant varieties, pest control and fertilizers. With the implementation of these farming techniques many countries previously unable to feed their population have become net exporters of food. If farmers can grow more food on less land, pressures toward deforestation are greatly reduced.

Currently PFA is also implementing programs to utilize gas for use as a household (heating and cooking) fuel and to create electricity in developing countries. Specifically our organization intends to provide bottled gas to the indigenous poor, especially where deforestation is occurring because of the current lack of alternative fuels. Gas will also be utilized to run small power plants that will create electricity to areas where no power is available.

Environmental groups may have some concerns with this program, especially with the implementation of commercial fertilizers. However, as seen in Africa, lack of food and fuel has lead to the indiscriminate hunting of wildlife and deforestation in the national parks. Worldwide, rain forests are being burned to create new farmland. This has been well-publicized as in the ongoing burning of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, and most recently the huge fires that have been burning out of control for months in Indonesia (which were started intentionally).

Fires of this magnitude are creating serious global environmental consequences. At close inspection of earth from space it would seem that our planet is literally on fire. Huge flares of natural gas are being burned as a by-product of oil production and at the same time huge forest fires are created to clear more cropland. It is obvious that this is not only a waste of natural resources but also very damaging to the environment. In addition both destructive practices are unnecessary, since one problem could be used to solve the other. Quite simply, the flared natural gas could be used to produce fertilizer that could be used by farmers in developing nations to increase their crop yield, negating the need to clear more land.

The bottom line is that this program could take wasted resources and use them to reduce deforestation and environmental degradation, and could perhaps save millions from starvation. PFA however needs a great deal of support in the effort to implement pilot programs in targeted countries and is greatly in need of logistical, technical, and financial assistance. Volunteer assistance is welcomed. All donations to PFA (a 501c3 non-profit charitable corporation) are tax deductible.


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