PHOTONEWS: Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company In Yet Another Crude Oil Spill in Ikarama.

Rivers of Hope

Among the various types of “leaks” followers of mainstream international media have had their consciousness inundated with in the last few weeks, crude oil leaks have seen little prime time attention despite their high incidences and massive human impact in the Niger delta region of Nigeria. One such leak occurred recently, a result of damage to an oil pipeline in Ikarama, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

On June 4 of this year, a Shell Petroleum DevelopmentCompany (SPDC) oil pipeline running through the area has ruptured, according to a report and photographs from Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the EarthNigeria (ERA/FoEN), spewing the oil into the area in large amounts into nearby Taylor Creek, the main local water supply, as well as farms, marshes, ponds, and homes were all impacted.

The incident is not the first to affect the area, in fact, ERA/FoEN reported a similar incident in 2011, which was only…

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