The Energy Department launched the eGallon

Yes, I sometimes do write, without an apology;

Drivers Can Compare Gasoline and Electric Fuel Prices with eGallon
The Energy Department on June 11 launched the eGallon
Driving for $1.14 Per Gallon June 11, 2013 – 7:30am
“The eGallon provides a metric that is easily comparable to the traditional gallon of unleaded fuel. That comparison is made by calculating how much it would cost to drive an electric vehicle the same distance as a similar conventional vehicle could travel on a gallon of gasoline. For example, if gasoline costs $3.60 per gallon in your state and the eGallon price for your state is $1.20, that means that for $1.20 worth of electricity you can drive the same distance as you could for $3.60 worth of gasoline.  The eGallon price varies from state to state based on the price of electricity.”

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