How Canada’s largest city is trying to cut down on its greenhouse gas emissions

Global News

TORONTO – In Canada’s largest city, the skyscrapers continue to rise taller and taller, though the city is aiming to bring its energy bill lower and lower.

Cars are often cited as high producers of greenhouse gas, but the reality is that cities are major culprits.

According to the Canadian Green Building Council, there are 68,000 commercial buildings across Canada that account for 28 per cent of all greenhouse gases emitted in the country.

What that means for cities like Toronto — which is home to dozens of skyscrapers and hundreds of office buildings, more than any in Canada — is finding new ways to make buildings greener.

Toronto has been extremely successful in lowering its greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007, the city adopted the Kyoto Protocol to set goals of its own, specifically, reducing emissions to 1990 levels. A recent report from the city stated that Toronto had reduced…

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