Fracking, is there another way?


20130807-202630.jpgWith all of the concerns over Fracking for Gas in the UK (Who’s Fracking in the UK and Frack that) and the worries over the general use of non-renewable resources, there has to be another way to look at our energy future.

In some parts of the world the answer is already being very much use: anaerobic digestion of compostable waste and faecal matter from animals to simply produce biogas for cooking and with each human producing around 1.5 kg of faeces a day, a staggering 10.5 million Kilos in London alone there is certainly ample amounts of material to be digested for methane and ultimately electricity production from the cities sewers.

Already some councils are anaerobically digesting compost able waste from homes to produce electricity, saving money on landfill and of course making some money by selling the electricity to the grid.

There are issues to consider…

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